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I am the girl that never said no, I am the one that couldn't let go...

"Yeah, we'll live together, in Seattle, I'll be a rockstar and you'll be a writer, then when you go to France with Frankie and Hannah in Frankie's Beetle, I'll ride behind you with Georgia on my bike."

"Yeah! That'd be so great, and then we'll have a house in every country in the world, and, and we'll never die, and we'll be friends forever!"

Am I really the only one who misses roaming around South Woodford, causing trouble, James in his dog house, going to Churchfields park, having contests on the swing- "Who can swing higher?", "Who can kick their shoes the farthest?"

Just sitting on those swings, discussing our future as if we'd never get old, like we'd never stop knowing each other, those were the days.

The Saturdays when I had people knocking on my door, no plans, just a spontaneous day...

Smashing Robert's phone up at the park.

Sitting in random armchairs.

Jumping on the matress.

Please don't tell me that I'm the only one who misses those days.

We were that certain group that never grew, just us, just us.

...And Frankie, I miss when Frankie came, why doesn't Frankie go places with us anymore?

James, I think we know why James doesn't come, he just hangs out with other people, we didn't abandon him, he abandoned us.

But now, now that everythings changed, there is no future plan, we're just going ot have to go with the flow.

Maybe that's a good thing, or maybe, maybe it's just crap.

I'd give so much just to have one of those spontaneous days again, just us, so we can do it right, then at least we'd know it was the last, instead of this very sudden thing happening.

I wish people didn't get left behind.

I'll never let the past go, I can't, I'm stuck in the past because there's no future, not for me.

I can't say, well soon, it'll be the something or the other anniversary, but I can't, I'm stuck in the music past, and there is no more reality, it's just the past, replaying in my head over and over.

New year, new start...

Maybe, just maybe, I don't want a new start, I just want the past, the past, yeah, the past...

When nothing mattered.

Because nothing matters.

Nothing matters.

Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Maybe! Maybe I've got to get my mind to stop being so repetetive! It's killing me!

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