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Ummmm? Universe?

Hey this is your newest member, at least at the time of posting I think? Anyway, I saw that the community shares a lot of simalar interests as me....Serial killers and Vampires for starts, but I don't know. So has any one seen me, because if you have your just creepy. >_< So I am not to familar with anyone here yet but we shall see. I will send my evil, purple, soul-stealing, monkey clowns to watch your site. Oh and by the way I tend to joke a lot, so don't take ANYTHING I say to seriously or you brain may go numb from turning inside out in your nose from trying to understand me. X_X Nothing! Oh, and I don't usually get a lot of Zzzleep, so sometimes I sound confuzzeled and strange, but what do you expect from a full time student with two jobs..........?? @_@ Now to leave you all with one of my favorite quotes, which I do a lot of the time, ^_^

I think, therefore I am.....
- Reene DesCartes
... I think?
- Some Weirdo 200 years later.

P.S. Feel free to post back, I really am not that strange, I just need some zzzleep. -_- zzz
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